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The Calico team values all of it's customers and industry partners. We strive to provide personalized service to everyone large and small. We do have our busy times and appreciate everyone's patience during these times.

Our Story

Beginning in October of 1982, California Instrument Company designed and built specialized instrumentation for the petroleum industry. Armed with a background in tooling and engineering, a totally new concept in firearms magazine technology was developed and in May of 1985, the first working 100 round helical feed .22LR carbine prototype was successfully tested. Eventually, an entire family of firearms was developed around this revolutionary new design. By June of 1987, the first 50 and 100 round 9mm “double helix” firearms were being produced. These robust weapon systems were hailed internationally as the next generation in firearms development. Enjoying worldwide success, Calico Light Weapon Systems now features a full line of calico accessories, like the world’s only true speed-loader, making it easy to capture the full advantage of this unique design. Always looking to the future, Calico engineers are currently developing new weapons and munition feeding systems that take advantage of our internationally patented design configurations. At Calico, we are committed to our “revolution in firepower”.

Helical Feed Magazine

The heart of the Calico’s weapon systems is the patented helical feed design. Using a staggered helix principal, the ammunition is driven forward along a fluted cartridge carrier as they press against the helical wells of the magazine cover. The driving pressure is achieved by a rectangular torsion spring located inside the fluted cartridge carrier. Moving forward one by one, the ammunition is fed by a specially-designed feed port into the top-loading chamber of the Calico firearm. Calico’s helical magazine feeding systems remain the most advanced method known for efficiently storing and dispensing ammunition in large and small arms.

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